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More Details
Bus Hound is the premier software bus analyzer for capturing I/O, protocol, and performance measurements. You can also send commands to devices from a graphical interface. Bus Hound is a 100% software product and especially suited to inspecting host side protocol.

  Bus Support
  FireWire, 1394
  Fibre Channel
  serial port
  parallel port
  ps/2 ports
  ...and more


  OS Support
  Windows 10
  Windows 8, 8.1
  Windows 7
  Windows Vista
  Windows XP
  Server 2003 - 2019
  Windows 2000
  Windows NT 4.0
  Windows 9x


  Device Support
  DVD, CD, Blu-ray
  Hard drives, tape drives
  Removable drives
  Web Cams, Cameras
  Mice, Keyboards, HID
  Printers, Scanners
  Speakers, Modems
  ...and everything else!


  Power User Features
Capture megabytes of I/O at a time
View I/O on screen in real time
Trigger on conditions
Build and submit custom commands
Issue bus and device resets
Capture the system startup process
View low level protocol including SCSI sense data and SMART commands
View microsecond resolution timing
Drag and drop captured data to other applications or save it to a zip file
Capture isochronous and control transfers
View IRPs and other device driver packets
  Ideal Uses
Inspect low level I/O
Debug device drivers or firmware
Reverse engineer protocol
Acquire performance measurements
Research the principles of device operation



Featured Customers:
Everyone is now using Bus Hound in our lab and I think that it has now become a "must have" tool. I am always hearing people ask the critical question "Did you get a Bus Hound trace of that event?"

"Thank you for the great software. It provided just the proof I needed to get my hardware subcontractor to fix their product's firmware. It worked as advertised and at a price MUCH lower than a full-blown SCSI-bus hardware analyzer. Thanks again and keep up the good work!"